Founded in 2010, Jiangyin Eichitoo Garment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Eichitoo") is a brand clothing enterprise integrating fashion and leisure styles.

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Focus on Connotation Perceive Modern Trends

As a brand of HLA, EICHITOO combined modern fashion and cultural connotation in 2010 with a unique urban vision and fashion influence. Since 2014, EICHITOO has focused on women's clothing and combined fashion design with stylish texture, to create a refined and modern urban style for women who "love fashion, love standing out", and pursue a trendy and textured dressing style.

Urban Aesthetics Return to the Origin of Life

The design of EICHITOO apparel is inspired by urban life and fashion trends, and proposes the aesthetic concept of "Let design return to the origin of life". The designers subtly integrate the exquisite style with the stylish design. The brand's urban elegance and neat style can capture the advantages of each wearer's figure, making her more confident and elegant.

Three Series Interpret the Beauty of Style

In 2013, EICHITOO was upgraded to make women's clothing, and its products were divided into three series: LIFE, OFFICE, and FASHION. The overall style was fashionable, low key, simple and detail-oriented. Under the high cost performance, the brand highlighted the urban elegance with internationally popular colors and fashionable and slim patterns, being favored by the majority of modern women.

Trend Feast Legendary Departure of Fashion

In 2014, Eichitoo engaged Ariel Lin, winner of Taiwan's Golden Horse Award, as its brand spokesperson. In 2016, Wang Likun, known as "Goddess Without Makeup", became the brand's new spokesperson. The brand slogan "Love every beautiful day" is not only a call for goodness and beauty in human nature, but also a commitment to the majority of female consumers who pursue urban exquisite life. Wear the clothing of Eichitoo, and enjoy every beautiful day!

The Company has been adhering to the principle of "golden location, and diamond store" to open its street shops in suitable street areas, and expand its store in the shopping malls that are in line with the brand positioning. In order to unify the image, the brand store decoration, operation, personnel recruitment, and training, etc. are directly managed by Eichitoo Headquarters.

Eichitoo has a young team full of passion, vitality and innovative spirit. With "Help each other succeed" as the common value, and "Revitalize China with the brilliance of the youth" as the common mission, the team strives to create a better tomorrow for Eichitoo!

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